The Robson Chamber Ensemble continues to expand

Judy Ferris (horn in F), Spike Evans (baritone sax), Bill Soule (tenor sax) and director, Bruce Chidester (trumpet).

In addition to the larger Robson Chamber Ensemble (17 to 20 members) a new chamber ensemble has emerged and is called the Robson Wind Quartet.

The main focus of this new quartet is to offer a more intimate performance venue for private parties, weddings, church services and similar social events in contrast to the larger ensemble which offers a more formal concert performance setting.

Members of the Robson Wind Quartet include residents Judy Ferris (Horn in F), Spike Evans (Baritone Sax), Bill Soule (Tenor Sax) and its director, Bruce Chidester (Trumpet).

Their current library of arrangements covers a wide spectrum of musical styles including everything from Bach to Rock and Bach again. Be sure to look for their next performance so that you can share in this new ensemble’s expanding  popularity.