A UMC Christmas party at the Ranch

Roger Shady and Ron Lehrer

Roger Shady and Ron Lehrer

Maureen Lehrer

The Roy Gays and the David Phillips greeted the members and special guests of the Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors Sunday school class of Argyle United Methodist Church for their second annual Christmas celebration at the Ranch on December 11.

During the social hour the 64 guests were invited to tour the dinner tables and view the pictures the guests brought of a special time in their lives. Remembrance photos of the event were taken of each couple by Linda Phillips.

Roger Shady, president of the class, welcomed the class with a few funny stories and serious moments of the past year and commented on his and Elaine’s upcoming move to Fort Worth.

Pastor Chris Schoolcraft gave the blessing before our delicious Italian dinner and dessert of a special birthday cake served by Leta Muniz and Beverly Clegg.

The program for the evening was led by Maureen Lehrer, chairperson for the event. Maureen went around to each couple and had them show and tell us the story behind their picture. There were many different stories behind each picture from very serious to very funny. This fun activity gave us a way to get to know each other even better.

Barbara Wilking explained to us the origin and meaning of the song The 12 Days of Christmas before she and Connie Dubois led the class in an action filled 12 days of Christmas accompanied by Maureen Lehrer on the piano. Table number 5 sang “The fifth day of Christmas” and waved their big “5 gold rings” made by Maureen—an action surprise! We all enjoy doing that song at every Christmas party.

Barbara Wilking gave out five door prizes and then it was time for Silent Night sung by the class and accompanied by Leta Muniz on the piano .

Thank you to the social committee, Donna Emison, Sharon Estill, Linda Phillips and Barbara Wilking, for your assistance. Thank you to Rhett Hubbard and the staff for a wonderful evening.