Update from the Woodshop

Joey Misiaszek

The woodshop has established a set of different training sessions for its members on the third Wednesday of each month. Topics vary by requests from its members. This month, the training session focused on making your own blanks from acrylics for pen turning, using acrylics for inlays and various other uses.

The main speakers this month were Joey Misiaszek and Joann Bostwick. The discussions centered around what types of acrylics can be used, the pros and cons of each method, how to create your own molds, how to mix coloring into the acrylics and the proper disposal of the materials upon completion.

We use an “open forum” brand of training where questions can be asked at any time that are pertinent to what is being discussed. Attendance was fantastic.

Bob Zimmerman, the president of Woodworkers, relayed to those present the items that the woodshop has purchased to jump-start the usage of acrylics for pens, inlays and other uses.

Kathy Dial went over the CNC-developed forms so any woodworker can create their own color variations of plaques.

Joe Lindlay then explained how he uses acrylics on paintings, as well as what to watch out for. The end result is a three-dimensional-like painting that fluctuates based on what you do between coats. He also explained how to clean up the drippings of acrylics as it rolls down the sides.

All in all, this was a great training session, and guess what? There are more to come.

If you are at all interested, please come by the woodshop located in room 102 of the CATC building. The annual fee of $50 includes full usage of the facility as well as glue, tape, emergency use of screws and, best of all, air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.