Wildhorse Lady Niners just wanna have fun

Mary Ornberg

September 13 the WLN had its scheduled quarterly meeting. The day started with a scramble of over 40 ladies playing nine holes. The winners of the scramble were as follows:

First Place, $13 each: Phyllis Formhals, Sandra Mankowich

Second Place, $11 each: Jeanne deArment, Olive Morton

Third Place, $9 each: Chris White, Lane Adams

Fourth Place, $7 each: Linda Brewer, Sandra Petty

Fifth Place, $4 each: Barb Holst, Monica Bishop

We then moved inside for lunch and our quarterly meeting. Cel Muff was recognized for her mentoring of our new golfers. Monica Bishop, Deb Williams, Bev Akins, Nancy Wendt, Megan Wiegand and Deanna Sico have all benefitted from Cel’s knowledge. Congratulation for completing and getting certified in Cel’s School of Golf.

The theme for our luncheon was “Hollywood and the movies.” Our program included a video created by the Niners for the Niners on how to play ready golf. It was entertaining and enlightening. The starring Lady Niners received awards from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Golf Scenes: Angie Gay for best visual effects (always hitting her mark), Jamey Siefert for best make-up and hairstyle (eyeliner), Carolyn Thomas for best costume (policeman), Jane Thompson for special recognition of participation and added value of dignity, Tina Hoffenberg for most promising supporting actress (best behavior), Janie Farnsworth received a special recognition of participation and added value of grace, Teresa Blackburn-Korn graciously accepted her lifetime achievement award, Beverly Busick won for best supporting actress in a leading role (best at improv doing the practice swing), Darla Mahan walked away with two awards. Her first award was for best special effects (safety: getting hit in her head with a flying golf ball) and her second award was for best actress in a leading role (she was always ready to go when the director yelled “action”). Last but not least an overall award for best art direction, director, film editing, sound editing, visual effects and casting went to Mary Ornberg. The “Ready Golf” video is available to view on My Grove – Wildhorse Lady Niners.

Remember, you can join this group of women golfers by downloading a membership application from the website: www.robsonranchhoa.org. Go to “clubs” and then to “Wildhorse Lady Niners” or call membership chairperson Olive Morton at 940-206-6508.

We are all about having fun!