Woodworkers name woodworker of the year


David Bassham

At the December 19 year-end meeting of the Robson Ranch Woodworkers, club president David Bassham named JoAnn Bostwick as Woodworker of the Year for 2017. JoAnn has been a member of the Woodworkers for three years. For the past two years she has become a leader among the lady woodworkers and is the regular safety monitor in the shop for Ladies Night every Monday. During this year she learned to make bandsaw boxes and then taught three other ladies how to do it as well. She continues to tackle increasingly more complex projects and further her woodworker skills.

In addition to the Woodworker of the Year, three other members, Joey Misiaszek, Boyce Irwin and Fred Ahrens, were named as recipients of the Founders Award. This award recognizes those members who have made continuing, long-term contributions to the Woodworking Club.

The officers for the coming year were also introduced. David Bassham will continue as president. Bob Wilking will take over as vice president relieving Boyce Irwin. Frank Hunter will continue as treasurer. Kathy Dial will take over as secretary, relieving Peggy Beyer.