Writers’ Guild Tip

Jackie Moore

Have you worked as an attorney, teacher, police officer or been in the military? Then you have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of these areas to make your book and the main character realistic. A person shouldn’t write about a main character who is a pilot if he/she doesn’t have personal knowledge of flying, landing, taking off, the cockpit, etc. Otherwise the writer will spend hours and hours researching flight information and will probably end up making errors on the subject in the book that will frustrate people reading it who are familiar with piloting.

My 15 years of experience working for the State Dept. Diplomatic Corps in Embassies/Consulates all over the world lends authenticity to my novel and informs the readers of Embassy responsibilities, staffing, etc.—things few people know.

My novel, A Diplomatic Death by J.K. Moore, is based on a character named Jason Fox, Regional Security Officer at the American Consulate General in Frankfurt, Germany. One night, Jason is summoned to the scene of a dead Consulate employee and Jason must work with the German police to investigate the case. When circumstances point to an American’s possible involvement, Jason enlists the help of newly-arrived Consular Officer, Amber Lockwood, to see if there is any connection to anyone in the Consulate. When suspicious visa applications surface and Jason is warned that classified documents may be missing, he tries to resolve the issues before an upcoming Vice-Presidential visit. When another Consulate employee dies in a suspicious manner, Jason races against time to find who is responsible, German or American.

My book is now available on Amazon Kindle (ebook), Amazon Create Space (paperback version) and I have paperbacks available for sale. Just give me a call 940-262-1701.

And remember, make your main character from your personal background!