Happy Potters Club adds six new members

Jan Marx

As always welcoming new members to “play in the mud” is a pleasure. April’s class was no exception. Sarah Cunningham, Delores Moore, Lynda Hall, Angela Daniels, Susie Pierce and Mary Sullivan participated in four days of orientation along with plenty of hands-on experience. Carolyn Detjen taught one of the classes and was a tremendous help in guiding the group toward success. Now they have moved on to creating their own pieces with other experienced members who are available to advise them if they need help.

Don’t forget to look in our display window, and you will see some of their first glazed creations. What talent! Many items are on sale now as will be other pottery pieces at our table for Robson Ranch’s Memorial Day sale. It’s never too early to shop for Christmas, hostess gifts and upcoming birthdays. Some handmade articles are: knitting/crochet bowls, cups/mugs and serving dishes. All dishes are food, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe unless otherwise labeled.

Upcoming classes include: making horses, Zentangle and Sgraffito, and printing on clay. All members, whether experienced or recently joined, can participate in our classes. Check out the display windows for products of these classes as well as members’ submissions to the “Flat Back Challenge.”

Check with us for upcoming orientation classes.