911 Wildlife

Bonnie Bradshaw

Bonnie Bradshaw

Joyce Brein

The season premiere of the 2016-2017 Season of Happy Tails was a huge success. The room was packed to capacity as Bonnie Bradshaw, President of 911 Wildlife, was our guest presenter, and she addressed the topic of “Urban Adapters.”

She spoke on the topics of (1) Armadillos, (2) Raccoons, (3) Bobcats/Coyotes, (4) Rats, (5) Snakes, (6) Owls/Hawks and (7) Opossum.

Highlights of her presentation included:

Don’t leave cat or dog food outside at night.

Don’t leave bird seed in feeders or on the ground overnight.

Clean your grill. The smell of food attracts wildlife.

Keep your pet “doggie door” secured at night.

Do not let your dog outside your backyard without being on a leash even if you have a fence. Stay at least 12 feet next to your dog or closer.

If a bobcat/coyote approaches you, do not retreat or take pictures. Show you are the alpha and make loud noises. The animal will retreat and probably not return.

Armadillos dig four inches below the ground for grub. They do not contract or carry rabies due to their low body temperature of 94 degrees.

Trim overhanging branches that provide easy access to your roof for squirrels and other wildlife. Trim branches away from the side of your house so as to not provide a hiding place for larger wildlife.

Make sure that your chimney has a secure cap. Chimneys without caps are open invitations to birds and raccoons looking for an opening to raise their young.

Cover foundation vents with heavy-gauge, rust-proof wire mesh.

Storm drains are excellent hiding places for wildlife.

Bonnie Bradshaw may be reached at 940-898-0911 or  bonnie@911wildlife.com.