A great year for riding, fellowship and safety

Stan Brein

As we move into a new year, we cannot help but reflect on the accomplishments of the previous one. For the Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club, it has included membership growth, increased and varied riding, more training opportunities and fun. At the November Quarterly Meeting and Social, Mike Conley summarized the lunch, dinner and distance rides we enjoyed this year, and there were many. In addition, the rides were better attended. We have enrolled more members and fulfilled the quarterly meeting/socials and facilitated member interaction. And we have, in grand motorcyclist tradition, continued the spirit of giving back to the community with the Coats for Kids Ride and the gift card donation at our holiday party. The Coats for Kids Ride has contributed 1836 coats (and counting) for students in Denton County, with 70 of those coats coming from Robson Ranch. Our sincere thanks goes to the Robson Community for their generosity in this worthy activity.

The club holiday party on December 13 at Luigi’s Restaurant was a blast. Members provided great decorations and the White Elephant Gift Exchange was hysterical. Who cannot find use for an old motorcycle seat, a jar of M&Ms or a Santa Buda! What an opportunity for everyone to empty their attic or garage! Members were asked to bring gift cards to the club holiday party to be distributed to community families. And our members came through indeed. Marti Conley arranged to have $200+ in cards given to a family in need through the Denton ISD LaGrone Advanced Technical Center. The mother is losing a battle with cancer. This gift will help the children have some joy to share with mom during this trying time. In addition, another $200 in gift cards was distributed to homeless families in the community through the Coordinator of Social Services for Denton ISD. This should help to make the season a bit brighter.

Kenny Gilgore and Stan Brein attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show on January 6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. This has become an annual ritual, including a stop at Cindy’s Deli for some good New York style deli. As always, it was a great show, featuring new models from all of the manufacturers, as well as the latest accessories. Of note is the number of electric models, both motorcycles and scooters. I fully anticipate seeing some of these running around the Ranch before too long.

Skills and safe riding habits can never be emphasized enough. At the January Board meeting Dennis Dotson showed us a Safety Seminar and Parking Lot Challenge he developed for the club.

See you on the road! Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!