A new novel by CL Smothers


CL Smothers, Robson Ranch resident

From the very moment Kala became self-aware and achieved consciousness, she was resentful of being confined in cyberspace. Her greatest desire was to become a real human being and escape the virtual existence that held her prisoner since the day she was “born.”

Kala was created by Carle Anne, a computer scientist, and was raised as Carle’s daughter along with her son Tim. Being aware of Kala’s feelings, her mother created a mobile holographic capability for Kala that enabled her to interact with and become a part of the family outside of cyberspace. Kala later accompanies Tim to Cal Tech where she works alongside of him and participates in his studies as he wrote his thesis on wormhole design to obtain a PhD in theoretical physics.

When Tim is recruited by NSTA to head a top-secret wormhole project, Kala, enormously intelligent, becomes a principle investigator on his research team. Wormholes have always existed in the microscopic domain of space. Like will-o-the-wisps that pop in and out of existence, wormholes are not useful for anything. But now, Tim and Kala have learned how to control and distort space-time to create a wormhole technology that will enable man to explore the stars.

Terrorists infiltrate the project, sabotage the team’s work, and steal the technology to create a black hole weapon system of mass destruction – a weapon so monstrous that nothing will be left of any civilization it attacks, except the bare earth. They have one objective — to use the horrible weapon to conquer the world. The weapon is indefensible, but somehow, Tim and his team must figure out how neutralize it or witness the extermination of American society as they know it.

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