A touch of Heaven

Presenters Ruth Klein, Sherry Zeise, Judy Fairchild, Jois Ross, Nancy Thomas, Peggy Zilinsky and Jeff Fairchild; Photo by Nancy Thomas.0000

Hostess Nancy Nevius; Photo by Nancy Thomas.

Sherry Zeise

The coffee pot at Lyle and Nancy Nevius’ home happily gurgled a welcome to New Life Church ladies bringing great food and joyous expectations for our Christmas celebration. Nancy’s love of Christmas filled their house with beautiful, fun and inspirational decorations. Each year she has graciously shared it all with Lunch Bunch. Thanks, Nancy!

The casseroles, salads and desserts were so good that recipes were requested!

We congratulated Dianne Edmondson on her election to Denton County Commissioner. She thanked all who helped make that possible for her. She invited all to her Swearing-in Ceremony, January 1 at 10:00 a.m., on thr third floor balcony of the Denton Courthouse on the Square, as well as a reception, 1:30 p.m., at the Southwest Denton County Court House at Canyon Falls.

Grateful thanks went out to Jois Ross for the wonderful programs she has presented over the past 11 years as our Director of New Life Church Lunch Bunch. Jois joined us to thank her team, Ruth Klein and Peggy Zilinsky, for their great service and dedication.

Great as was all that came before, we wanted to get to our Christmas program! Jois, Ruth and Peggy led us through the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth in word and carols. Nancy Thomas read Psalm 8 and Sherry Zeise and Judy Fairchild led the group in carols. Judy and Jeff Fairchild deftly played as Sherry Zeise sang Mary, Did You Know?

The Christmas story is full of one inexplicable event after another. Beyond recording the details of Jesus’ birth, the Christmas story reveals the bigness of God, the otherness of God and how He longs to partner with us to do the impossible, to fulfill His plan for our world.

This is the adventure to which He is calling each of us. He guarantees the awesomeness of His perfect gift of love to all of us who trust and obey.


He came, not to a throne, but a manger.

He lived, not as a king, but as a servant.

He chose not a kingdom, but a cross.

He gave not just a little, but everything.