Afterschoolers garage sale a tremendous success

Judy Riffel, president of Robson Ranch Afterschoolers, would like to thank the many people who helped to make the fall October 2018 garage sale a success. Great thanks go out to the board for all of their hard work and prayers for the rain to stop for the garage sale. It was a huge success as we raised $3,654.51 with profit after expenses to support teachers at Borman Elementary and LaGrone. The success was greatly facilitated by many. Thanks go out to all of these listed below.

Afterschoolers has the most devoted group of members who volunteered in many capacities – pricing and hauling smaller boxes that were not taken on the trucks. Then, the day of the sale the member volunteers were there to put items out and help the buyers. They persisted in spite of the fog and cold.

We had members provide snacks and coffee for the concession stand.

We had six people who graciously provided garages for storage of the sale items until the sale date.

The Robson Ranch men, many husbands of Afterschoolers or members themselves saw that we had the donated items ready to sell. These men picked up items from donors, moved them to the garages for storage until the sale. They then moved them again to the garage sale. The success of the sale depends upon the coordination and heavy work done by these men.

Five eager, cheerful, and helpful student volunteers from LaGrone’s Law Enforcement class assisted these men.

Thanks to a very generous Robson resident who made a large donation at the sale.

Thanks to those who purchased slots to have their own garage sale.

Last but not least, thank you to all the Robson residents who donated items for sale, to those who came and bought items at the sale and the resident who gave us a large donation.

The monies Afterschoolers earn support teachers at Borman Elementary and LaGrone Advanced Technology Center. Teachers receive funding for school supplies, other special needs, lunches and many goodies for the teachers as well as Christmas baskets at Borman for 25 of their students and families.

Come join us to do great things for education and also have fun on organized fieldtrips throughout the year for members, spouses and friends. We meet the second Friday of each month, September–June, at 10:30 a.m. in the clubhouse. Membership is $15.