Baby Boomers rally at the Grill

The Robson Ranch Baby Boomers filled the Grill on the first Friday of March. A large number of Boomers were on a Road Runner cruise to the Caribbean. Even with the large number of missing Boomers, new members stepped in to fill the void. Everyone wished the cruisers a good time on the S.S. Boomer. Everyone also felt confident that our Boomer group would lead the way in showing other cruisers how to have a great time. Many of the group were also talking about competing in Texas Toss (Bags or Cornhole) coming up in a few weeks. The spring league has more teams, more team members and will be one of the weekly social events of our community! The food was great, the conversation engaging and everyone left feeling like they had the best time. Come on out and meet the younger crowd here at the Ranch. No dues, no sign up, no speakers, just grab a beverage or a meal and meet some new friends! The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays at the Grill starting around 5 p.m. Any questions can be directed to Paula Sales at