Biker Gang displays their  colors – red, white and blue

Scott Baker

What’s red, white and blue, has almost 200 horses and roars like thunder? It’s the Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club’s bikers in the 4th of July parade. Atop a truck-drawn trailer, the club members road astride a gleaming white 2017 Honda Goldwing Trike and a brilliant blue 2018 Harley Davidson Ultra-Classic. With their float decorated in red, white and blue streamers, flags and banners, the club proclaimed their patriotic and community pride.

But before all the festivities on Independence Day, the club celebrated with a pre-holiday decorating party at the home of Scott and Vicki Baker. The buffet style dinner was followed by the real task at hand; decorating the parade float showcasing what the club is all about: friends, motorcycles, friends, the joy of riding and friends.

If you have a bike and enjoy riding, come join the RR Motorcycle Club on our breakfast, lunch and dinner rides or pack a saddlebag for two- to five-day excursions. We have a great club that offers something for everyone. It’s not just a motorcycle club with ever changing events, but a fellowship of friends with the mantra of “ride safe and have fun”. For more information on upcoming events and meetings, contact Mike Conley, Dennis Dotson, Scott Baker or Stan Brein.