Bocce ball season begins


John Humphries

Bocce League spring 2018 is well under way! In this current session we have added four additional teams into the mix. With ten teams in each division now, and only four Bocce courts to use each Wednesday evening, teams will have two bye weeks over the course of the ten-game season. We experienced our first ever rain out in week three, which has thrown a twist into the schedule. Since it appears that most of our 200+ players have only Wednesdays allocated for Bocce in their busy RR life styles, it is looking like a make-up week will probably be added to the end of the season schedule.

Only a few weeks into the spring session, and after factoring in the bye weeks for some teams, the old favorites continue on their winning ways. Rat Pack might be challenged by the Bocce Boomers in the Corleone Division and the Wise Guys are once again undefeated in the Soprano Division. The League may need to look at a player draft next season to conform with the other major leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.), but the player’s union is showing strong resistance to any breaking up!