Boot Camp has benefit!

The boot camp teachers

Senior Boot Camp at Robson Ranch continues to grow. A combined total of over 730 pounds have been lost, along with dozens of inches. Participants have been able to quit or reduce their need for specific medications. The best part is participants have toned up and strengthened their cardio, balance and core strength while having fun doing it!

Because there is such diversity in the activity levels and health needs of the participants, this program caters to each individual on their own level. “Exercising in a group format has its challenges,” says Barbara Shippy, Robson Ranch resident and Boot Camp Director. “It is important for each participant to listen to their body and do only what they are able to do. This class is a mixture of people standing and people sitting in chairs. Yes, you can have a great workout even if you sit in a chair! Many participants suffer from chronic, disabling health conditions while others are healthier. Some people are advanced while others are beginners. To address this diversity, Boot Camp uses the three-step approach by offering participants beginner, intermediate and advanced moves. By showing three different levels of each exercise, each participant can do what is best for their specific needs. Many Robson Ranch residents have told me Boot Camp is too difficult,” states Barbara. “I tell them Boot Camp is as easy or difficult as you make it. Just about anyone can participate at their own level.

This fun fifty-minute workout, done to oldies music, incorporates all muscle groups, which increases endurance, core strength, flexibility and balance while burning an average of 500 calories. The workout is low-impact; there is minimal stress to joints and it includes stretching, strength training/toning and cardio. Offering three different levels helps. Barbara does all three levels at different times; Kathy shows level two and Suzanne level three. Anyone watching this class will see participants doing their own level to meet their needs. They will also see some people sitting in the chair during the workout, some standing and some using a chair for extra support while they stand. Both Kathy and Suzanne assist in amazing ways to make this class energetic and fun.

“There are positive reasons seniors should stay active,” says Mike Shippy, sound director. “It is not easy growing old. As we age, we need to keep active, keep moving to the best of our ability. Boot Camp helps in so many ways. Exercise reduces coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, diabetes and symptoms of anxiety or depression. It also promotes healthy bones and muscles. Exercise is good for us.”

Barbara has been teaching fitness for over forty years, targeting senior fitness the last eight years. Boot Camp meets Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 a.m.–noon and Friday from 9:00-10:00 a.m. in the Sports Center gym. Cost is $3/class. Bring a mat, small towel, a closed container of water and weights (optional). For more information, please contact Mike and Barbara Shippy at 940-262-0602.