Brian Boylan and a little dog called John Doe

John Doe

John Doe

Angie Gay

Several weeks ago, I took our dogs to Terri the Groomer at the Argyle Vet Hospital. While chatting Terri asked, “Did you hear about the little white dog they called John Doe?” As I shook my head no, I knew this was going to be a good story.

A week earlier the Robson Ranch construction crew found a little white dog. He was severely malnourished, dehydrated, covered with burs and his hair was all matted. They were trying to get the dog to eat and drink some water.

Later that day Brian stopped by the construction office and saw the little dog. He called Pet Finders to determine if the dog had a microchip. When no chip was detected, Brian took him to the Argyle Vet and said, “Do whatever you need to do to help this little guy.” When processing the paperwork the adminis

tration staff asked what should we call the dog? Brian said, “John Doe.”

Although no one knows for sure how long John Doe had been left in the excessive heat, torrential rains and hiding from the coyotes and bobcats, the vet said he would not have lived much longer in his current condition.

Before the vet could treat John Doe they first had to remove his matted hair. Terri has been grooming dogs for 35 years and has worked on many small rescue dogs. She said that John Doe ranked in the top 10 most pitiful dogs she has ever seen.

Not wanting to cause the dog further pain or stress, the vet and Terry determined they would have to sedate John Doe so Terri could remove all his hair. Once little John Doe was relieved of all his nasty hair, the vet was able to examine, treat and hydrate the little dog. After the vet had done all that could be done for John Doe, the vet tech made him a cozy bed in a crate. With his little belly full and totally exhausted, Joe Doe crawled under the bedding. Terri and the vet tech both cried as they watched him fall fast asleep

The next morning when the staff came to work they were excited to see John Doe up and wagging his tail.

Brian came back and got John Doe and paid the vet bill. He tried to pay Terri, but she insisted everything she did was for John Doe and refused payment. Brian took John Doe home with him where for two days he ate, played and ran around enjoying his new life.

John Doe’s story was widely known among the sales and construction staffs. One of the wonderful housekeepers said she would adopt John Doe. Now the little dog has a home and a family that loves him. He is no longer a John Doe. He has a new life and a new name: Charlie.

I was wrong when I thought this was going to be a good story; it’s a GREAT story.

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and saved the life of a little dog called John Doe.

It is another great day at Robson  Ranch!