Catholic Club news

Irene Manning

Robson Ranch Catholic Club met on January 9 in the home of Bret and Rita Paxton. The meeting was opened with a prayer led by the president, John Goodpaster. We also prayed for those who at this point in time are in need of prayer.

Our guest speaker was Mr. Kevin Hinzman. Mr. Hinzman is an attorney of law here in Denton and a parishioner at St. Mark Catholic Church. Mr. Hinzman focused on many aspects that are of interest to seniors and retirees. If you are from out of state it is possibly advisable to have a new will drawn up here in the state of Texas. Mr. Hinzman also discussed having a Medical Power of Attorney, and if you were to go on a trip to take that Medical Power of Attorney with you. We also discussed probate, trusts, living wills, dnr (do not resuscitate) and durable power of attorney. Mr. Hinzman was accompanied by his wife Leslie who is a bank manager at one of the local banks. Mrs. Hinzman answered a few banking and credit card questions.

After the presentation the members enjoyed the many goodies that some of the members had brought and also enjoyed some fellowship. We had a wonderful group of about 40 and it turned out to be a very informative evening.