Catholic Club recap


Kathryn Sapp

Robson Ranch Catholic Club met on Tuesday, September 12 at the home of Dolores and Jack Kearney. The meeting opened as usual with a prayer for the most in need.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Juanee Surprise, is a Robson Ranch resident who has an office in Denton. Dr. Surprise is board certified in the specialties of clinical nutrition by the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition and integrative medicine by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Surprise stressed the importance of “taking care of you” through five things she feels are necessary to be healthy: regular chiropractic care, adequate and proper rest, adequate and proper exercise, stress-free time daily and adequate and proper diet.

The natural methods Dr. Surprise uses help people who suffer from most health problems associated with chiropractic dysfunctions and biochemical deficiencies.

The meeting ended with refreshments and fellowship after a very informative meeting.