Computer Numerical Carving Class

JoAnn Bostwick

The Robson Ranch Denton Woodworkers would like to invite all those interested to our CNC training classes. The CNC machine carves, cuts, and etches wood and plastic. It uses a series of router bits to accomplish the most amazing things, as you can see by the photos. All these pieces were programed on a computer and then fed into the machine itself to do the actual carving and cutting. The woodshop is holding monthly training classes on the first Wednesday of each month on the use of the software. The Woodworkers have several shop computers that members can sign out to practice on with clipart included. Kathy Dial will be giving the classes at noon in room 104. All questions are welcomed.

So far, our members have made intricate wooden boxes, serving trays, cutting boards, 3-D designs, signs, and inlays. If you can imagine it, you can make it. Become a member and join in the CNC fun; no woodworking experience needed.