Costa Rica Watercolor

Carolyn Detjen

Last year, 2017, Liz Katz was drawn toward Costa Rica along with her sister, Kathy. What was drawing them to this tropical adventure? Watercolors! A lovely class for the two sisters, helping them to absorb and to expand their expertise in the art world.

There are times when writers get writer’s block. Well, artists also walk through periods of blank canvases. Such was Liz’ quandary.

In Costa Rica, the many archaeology museums became the inspirational source for the breakthrough that was so sorely needed by Liz. Many hours were spent visiting the museums. Hundreds of pre-Columbian pots, saved through the many years long past, made by the indigenous tribal artists were created with three leg stilts. Each leg stilt was sculpted with an animal figure such as jaguars, sloths, snakes, crocodiles or a harpy eagle. The pots were ordinary but the creature defining the leg stilt can be seen crawling down to the ground or just the opposite direction, up. Fascination has become ingrained in Liz’ blood. She sculpts figures, period! She loves the primitive Indian look. Tribal art, whether it is woven, wooden, leather or clay has set some goals for Liz. She makes wonderful coils and sculpting the creatures out of the legs are the results of goals set.

A favorite pastime: Liz never tosses leftover clay back into the bag, but creates faces of creatures, most of which are one half by one inch in size. She has done art all of her life, so sculpting legs is really appealing.

Look into the Happy Potters window and you will observe pots by Liz Katz, created with help from times past when the Costa Rican indigenous culture reigned.