Designing With Carol: Fall is in the air

Design for fall

Design for fall

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

My daughter sent me a picture this week of a pumpkin bundt cake that she had baked over the weekend. Oh, how delicious it looked. Thoughts of fall started to flow through my mind, and I began to visualize what I could suggest to you to help bring the sights and scents of fall into your home.

Let’s start with the windows in your home. You may be in a brand new home and not have the problems of drafty windows. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need window treatments that will provide you with protection from the wind and cold of the impending winter. And if you are in an older home you most likely will experience cold and drafty windows.

As experts in the window coverings industry, we at Carol’s can provide you with the best solutions to your needs. We are an exclusive Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery. We are trained to assess your situation and offer you the best products. Function and beauty go hand in hand in making your home comfortable, energy efficient and beautiful all at the same time.

From the front door through the entry and throughout your entire home, gather the beauty of fall colors and display them in floral arrangements, candles, accent pillows and throws and even area rugs. Strategically place them throughout your home as inviting elements of the season. And don’t forget to light those candles to bring the scents of the season throughout your home.

No, it isn’t too early to pull your ideas together for your fall decorating. Choices are already available at your local home design stores. Peruse your favorite magazines for ideas. I always like to suggest that you create a “design folder” to pull your ideas together. A manila folder or large envelop is perfect for this project. Go through several magazines, tearing out pictures that are appealing to you and place them in your project folder. Once you have finished your search of the magazines, open your folder and lay out all the pictures you have collected. You will most likely discover a theme that you didn’t realize you had. There will be a few rogue selections that you will want to discard, but for the most part you have set the stage for your fall decorating.

Here’s a little hint on color for the season. Persimmon is sure to bring warmth to any room. This luxurious and welcoming orange-red brings an added punch of color and brightness.

Carol’s has everything you need in Window Fashions and Decorating Ideas. Give Victoria a call at 940-565-8337. She and Taylor will be happy to assist you.

And as always, Happy Decorating!