Designing With Carol

Need help with decorating? Give Carol a call.

Need help with decorating? Give Carol a call.

Interior decorating and design is about maximizing the beauty and utility of a setting. If you are undertaking the process yourself then you have to be acutely aware of your own taste. Researching concepts that other designers have had, looking at photographs in magazines and reading articles on decorating exposes you to new ideas and can help you to figure out who your inner designer is. But if you are having trouble getting those inner creative juices flowing, here are a few tips to get you motivated. Use these tips to add interest, sparkle and personality to boring rooms.

Add interesting furnishings: Beige walls and sofas are fine, but they offer relatively little to really capture your attention. Punch up your room with interesting-to-look at furnishings such as a dark wood armoire, a red enamel coffee table, a textured rattan chair, a terrific tufted ottoman or a rustic pine hutch.

Art: Framed prints, photographs and paintings give a room depth and dimension. They also add color, style and underscore the mood or theme of a room.

Texture: Avoid an all-shiny or all-textured room. Instead use a mix of smooth, shiny, soft, hard, textured and rough. Set glass candlesticks next to a wood planter of ivy on a stone tabletop. Or arrange a collection of matte ceramic plates with framed architectural photos on a shiny painted mantle.

Themes: Room themes can give you decorating “focus” and give a reason to include whimsy. The sky is the limit for theme ideas from English hunt club to rustic country porch, from rooms of all white to contemporary designs, and from industrial steel to quaint Victorian. If your room lacks focus then come up with a theme and use accessories to accomplish the look.

Stenciling: Whether borders, corner vines, faux windows or quotations, there are many stencils that can add a touch of color and interest.

Shop for one-of-a-kind pieces: Anything unique will automatically add some interest.

Find accessories: Use online shopping sources to find just the right accessories for a room. Quaint little antique shops, specialty shops, etc. have wonderful ideas also.

Lighting: Adding a mix of lighting types to a room will provide options for dramatic, task and general lighting.

Area Rugs: The right area rug can anchor a furniture arrangement. Find one that fits into your scheme.

Plants and Flowers: Fresh plants and flowers add a living, breathing presence in a room as well as color and scents.

Now are your creative juices flowing yet? I hope so. You can be your best designer! But if you are having trouble with pulling your ideas together, give Carol’s a call. Our staff is trained to help you put all your ideas together and fill in where you may have lost your focus.

Happy decorating! Please give Carol’s a call at 940-565-8337 with your questions or thoughts. We would love to hear from you.