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Ideas to spruce up your bathroom

Ideas to spruce up your bathroom

Carol Collins, Carol’s Custom Draperies

Have you stood in your master bathroom recently and thought that you would like to make a change but don’t really want to spend a lot of time or money on the project? I’d like to offer a few suggestions that will keep you from emptying your pocketbook of money and time.

First of all, and you all know this is one of my favorite suggestions to offer, is painting. A bucket of paint can do wonders. Your bathroom should be an inviting, relaxing, spa-type setting for you to retreat to. For that spa effect choose a soothing color for your walls. I would suggest spa blues and greens paired with white. Creams and taupes are always a good choice. Pair these neutrals with blues and greens in your accessories. Does that conjure up thoughts of being at the beach? It does for me. Make sure you use a semi-gloss paint that repels moisture and is easy to clean.

A second suggestion is the lighting. Do you have the right type of lighting? Do you have enough lighting? What about the right type of bulbs? Always use cool lighting type bulbs to give you the best looking you.

Mirrors can also be used to reflect the lighting already in the room and to add special effect.

The hardware and accessories in your bathroom are probably the easiest and least expensive way to spruce up your space. Drawer and cabinet pulls can be anything from a simple metal to excitingly colorful ones; select for the mood you are trying to set. Splurge a little in this area.

Rugs, shower curtains, window coverings and accessories are another area to bring color and interest to your oasis.

Sometimes we tend to collect too many “beauty” bottles in the shower and on the top of the vanity. Simplify by displaying only what you need. Cut the clutter by storing away extras until they are needed.

These are just a few ways to whet your appetite. Your bathroom should be your special space. Enjoy it.

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And as always, Happy Decorating!