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Farmhouse style

Lauren Jones

For the past few years an unlikely design trend has become very popular with people nationwide. Now, when many people flock to their favorite stores they are searching for finds to make their house feel more “farmhouse.” But what exactly is Farmhouse design, and why are so many of us drawn to it? In a blog post in 2014, Joanna Gaines, the popular host of the show Fixer Upper which introduced many to this style, described her style as “timeless and simple.” If you are looking to add some of this style to your home, here are some key ideas.

Functionality is a must in farmhouse design. Think about an actual farm, and what life would be like if you were working on a farm all day. Your home would be your workplace, so many pieces that are decorative would also be useful. Picture a galvanized metal watering can filled with flowers from your garden, or a lovely metal egg basket on the kitchen island filled with the morning’s bounty from the coop. Practical materials such as wood and metal are key elements to the farmhouse style. There is not much room for the impracticality of silk. A window might have woven wood shades that complement the wood through the rest of the house, the draperies might be made of a lovely neutral fabric that can stand up to the high traffic of family areas.

What is old is new. Antiques and pieces that have meaning to a family would be at home in a farmhouse design. Again, picture a farm handed down for generations, with each generation adding a piece of china or art for the wall like chapters in a story. There would be chairs that get sanded and stained instead of thrown out and replaced. A table would bear the mark of years of coffee cups early in the morning. A quilt a beloved grandmother made would drape across the end of a bed like a good night hug. A rocking chair on the porch might hold someone from birth to their twilight years.

Coziness is essential to farmhouse living. Farmhouse design is meant to be enjoyed by a family. Light and neutral colors play well alongside beautiful warm wooden pieces and the coolness of metals to complement each other. This type of design evokes feelings of cooking meals together in Mom’s kitchen and reading books and petting a favorite dog. Of course, many of us do not live on farms, or don’t even cook, but this doesn’t preclude us from enjoying this style. The beautiful thing about the modern farmhouse is that it can exist anywhere, from the rural plains of central Texas to the suburban town of Denton.

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