Designing With Carol

September blues

Lauren Jones

It is September in Texas and like most Texans I am longing for autumn. While most of the country is wishing for summer to last, most of us Texans are ready for some high temperatures lower than 90 degrees. It can feel like the heat will never end. What can we do to pull ourselves out of this heat slump? Decorate, of course!

Getting ready for autumn doesn’t mean Halloween has to come out immediately (although it’s coming soon!). Taking down your summer wreath from the front door and replacing it with something like a sunflower wreath or even one decorated with your favorite football team’s colors can freshen the front door. Think about investing in some mums in yellow, orange or purple for the front porch. Swap out the front door mat from the one with summer colors to something with warmer colors to reflect the upcoming leaf color changes.

Inside, it’s a good time to start to think about the upcoming holidays. If you’re not ready to go full pumpkin, putting some yellow forsythia in a pretty white pitcher on the table with a nice wooden bowl of red apples can bring a late summer/ early fall vibe to your dining room. In the kitchen, think about planting some herbs in pretty pots on the windowsill. There is nothing better in a fall soup than fresh thyme or oregano that you can grow yourself.

Now is the time to invest in some candles as well. The nights will slowly begin to come a bit earlier and there is nothing cozier than a candle or two giving a nice glow when it’s too hot for an actual fire. Putting a cozy throw blanket on the sofa and a vase of late summer flowers such as dahlias or zinnias in a pretty vase on the coffee table gives a rich seasonal feeling to the living room.

September is the month before many people begin having lots of get togethers. This means it’s time to start to freshen up those interiors for guests. Take a fresh look at your guest room and see if you should invest in some new bedding or maybe some nice drapery panels to soften the windows. In the dining room, perhaps new draperies and new upholstery on the chair cushions is in order? Many people enjoy the look and feel of plantation shutters in their home. These shutters lend a stately and timeless look to rooms from the inside and outside of your home. Imagine a Thanksgiving meal in a new space this year! At Carol’s, we have many designer fabrics to choose from to make your space a welcoming home for you, your family, and friends to enjoy!

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Happy Decorating!