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Hygge: Cozy living Danish style

Lauren Jones

When I first heard about the concept of hygge, I was immediately drawn to it. Pronounced “hoo-ga” by the Danish people who practice this artful way of living, hygge is a way to enjoy the colder weather by celebrating the simple things in life. This helps the Danes survive the long nights of winter that they experience. In Texas, we may not get so cold and our days may not be as short, but it is always nice to have a new way of appreciating the end of summer and the colder days to come.

One of the basics of hygge is cozy lighting. Turn off that overhead fixture and add lots of flickering candles and pretty lamps. Creating a cozy place to rest and appreciate being at home is also important. Blankets that are luxuriously soft and lots of pillows are key to creating a hygge atmosphere. Danish people enjoy being outside and then find appreciation and comfort in returning to their cozy homes. A nice fire in the fireplace, several candles and a soft lamp to read by make a very hygge home.

Another aspect of hygge is the idea of togetherness. As we inch closer to the holidays our families will be together more and the concept embraces togetherness and being present. It means turning off electronics and talking to each other over cups of warm coffee or cocoa. It means making treats together and savoring them, reading an old favorite book, or drawing with your children or grandchildren. It may be hard at first to get kids in the mood for this, but once they taste the delicious homemade cookies and play a game they may warm up to the idea, at least for a little while.

Textures are very important to the Danes. They layer fabrics and pillows to nest in their spaces. In a home with hygge you will find lush carpets on wood floors. Colors are muted and neutral to promote a restful feeling. Windows may be covered with shutters or blinds that can be tilted to show the grey world outside and to have a light in the window to welcome friends and family. Draperies are thick panels to frame the windows to create a soft outline of the outside world and a cozy texture to the room.

Two of the most important ideals of hygge are the concepts of gratitude and harmony. The Danish people embrace the idea of dinner parties where they invite guests to come cook with them. This helps people, especially those who may live alone, to experience the harmony of hygge with others. Cooking a dinner, eating by candle light and enjoying real conversations all bring the Danish idea of cozy living to life!

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