Dramatic 9MGA membership growth spurs fun, competition and camaraderie

Members of 9MGA

Members of 9MGA

John Burkholder

In August 2013 a group of RR Denton MGA golfers decided that playing nine-hole rounds of golf was a pretty good idea. So to that end the 9MGA was established as a separate men’s golfing association here at the Ranch. By the end of 2014 that new group totaled 86 members, of which 17 were 9-hole only members. Playing 9-hole rounds was obviously a pretty good idea!

Since that time the growth of 9MGA has been extraordinary. From its meager beginnings, 9MGA has experienced an astounding 25% CAGR (for you non-business folks, that’s compounded annual growth rate) resulting in the following membership counts:

In 2013 there were 86 total members and 17 9MGA only members.

In 2014 there were 123 total members and 24 9MGA only members.

In 2015 there were 147 total members and 30 9MGA only members.

In 2016 YTD there are 167 total members and 46 9MGA only members.

Originally playing on Wednesday alongside the larger MGA group, after some reasonable negotiations in September 2014, the HOA Board approved 9MGA’s move to our current, individual 9:30 Monday morning tee time. Our first Monday was October 27, 2014. A while later, making 9MGA’s play days even better, David Thatcher, RR Denton Wildhorse Golf Clubs’ head golf pro, approved 9MGA for shotgun starts. Our first shotgun start in mid-2015 was extremely well received and currently makes every Monday outing timely and fun for all involved. 9MGA’s current weekly players have averaged 42; 54 weekly players since August 1. We are growing and growing fast!

Along the way 9MGA established two annual tournaments: the Memorial Day in September and the 9MGA Club Championship in October as well as fun outings like the 9 & Dine get-togethers with the Wildhorse Lady Niners (WLN), the ladies’ version of 9MGA. Six 9 & Dines are held each year, alternately hosted by the WLN and 9MGA. They’ve been lots of fun and good meals every time!

Special note guys: it’s not too late to join 9MGA today and play in our two 2016 tournaments. Plus by joining now you only pay $18 to join for the remainder of the year ($5 extra for dual membership with MGA) to qualify for playing in our two great tournaments. Join 9MGA today for fun golf, new camaraderie, a little competition and two great tournaments, plus three wine (oops… nine) & dines with the Ladies.