Electors for City Tax Freeze send their appreciation

On behalf of the Electors for the City of Denton Property Tax Freeze for Seniors and the Disabled, we (elector co-chairs Shirley Johnson and Shirley Martin; electors Bruce Reber, Terry Mathers and Larry Wilson) would like to take this opportunity to thank the signature committee and all the volunteers who participated in collecting signatures for the petition. We thank each of you for your hard work and time spent to make this happen. In addition to RR participation there was a great turnout of volunteers in other parts of the city. All efforts of everyone throughout the City of Denton made this happen. Please note that Elector Larry Wilson lives outside of RR. Larry was kind enough to volunteer to be an elector for the petition. He and his wife Carla made a huge difference in helping to collect signatures outside of RR.

Shirley Johnson and Shirley Martin would like to thank each elector for volunteering to take on the responsibility and move forward with the petition. A great big thank you to all!