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Join us for another exciting semester with new classes and topics for everyone!

Spring classes run from February to April with the first day of class being February 13. For a flat fee of $75 you may take as many classes as you wish.

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Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in the new semester:

Forgotten Father of Texas: Haden Edwards and The Fredonian Rebellion – Richard McCaslin

Stephen F. Austin came to Texas in 1821, secured a colonization grant and became so successful that he is revered as the “Father of Texas.” With him in 1821 was Haden Edwards who also received permission to found a colony but ran afoul of Mexican authorities and led the Fredonian Rebellion in 1826-1827. As a result, Edwards fled Texas, and an official investigation ensued that led to restrictions on future emigration from the United States. Many of the settlers that he brought to Texas remained, and he returned to support the fight for independence in 1836, but Edwards is largely forgotten in Texas history. A look at his story will shed more light on the development of Texas as a Mexican colony and the road to independence.

Debriefing on the 2016 Elections – Patti Richard

In the fall semester the class Briefing on the 2016 Elections addressed factors that influence the outcomes of presidential and congressional elections. Factors such as party identification, party coalitions, turnout rates, the national economy, incumbent popularity, and for presidential elections, the electoral college. These were applied to forecast the 2016 elections. This spring join us for a debriefing with analysis of the actual outcomes.

Orchestral Incidental Music at the Movies – Max Morley

Did “classical” music composition disappear in the 20th century? This class will show how 19th century classical orchestral style was alive and well in movies of the 20th century. Dr. Morley’s presentation will feature an audio-visual lecture of orchestral incidental music in the movies from 1927 to the present. The class will feature brief discussions of 30 composers and 90 orchestral excerpts from 72 films. Expect to hear high quality orchestral music that sounds familiar, but the title may elude you. See if you can name the movie’s title by viewing screen-shots and movie stars while identifying the music.