Farewell and welcome

Carolyn Detjen

June 14 brought The Happy Potters Club together for the changing of the guard. We gave a round of applause to our President Judie Smothers, Vice President Colleen Jordan, Secretary Nancy Lussier and Treasurer Sandy Holt. Tender thanks and heartfelt recognition went forth to each of the potter/officers that carefully led us through the past two years so successfully. After proper procedure was attended to, we welcomed our new President Liz Katz, Vice President Sarah Cunningham, Secretary Debbra King and Treasurer Sandy Holt (we held on to Sandy, she is a great treasurer).

A good team of officers is important to the efficient running of a club. Some attributes:

President: Lead the club to achieve its goals for the year. Be a good listener. Most leaders fail because they enjoy speaking more than listening.

Vice President: Must be as knowledgeable about all club activities as the president. This allows for the vice president to step into the office when the president is absent or unable to serve.

Secretary: The secretary is one of the most important positions in the club. You must be organized. Good records and notes are necessary as well as good communication.

Treasurer: The good treasurer is responsible for maintaining a constant and accurate record of all club financial transactions, keeping all records up to date and accurate.

We are secure in our newly elected officers of The Happy Potters Club. Each of the potters in the club is willing to give 100 percent to help achieve the goals that will be set forth to help each of us grow not only in our knowledge of making pots but also in growing our friendships.

Our Webmaster

Barb Bennett has blown us away with a website like we have never had before. We are so excited with the information provided for our education, pictures of parties, field trips and classes. We are able to share with each other so easily. Thank you, Barb! You are one wonderful artist. So special!