Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library Annual Meeting had a full house!

Friends of the Library Annual Meeting had a full house!

Friends of the Library concludes successful first year

Robson Ranch Denton’s Friends of the Library (FOL) successfully concluded its first year in operation, having 241 members at the time of its annual meeting on July 9. Beginning in July 2018, the FOL has quickly become an integral partner of the library in the CATC in Denton, with stimulating book discussions every quarter and supporting the out-of-budget needs of the library and its patrons, such as the ten-year birthday party on September 30, 2018; subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Denton Record Chronicle. Having applied for and received 501(c)(3) status earlier in 2019, donations to the FOL are tax exempt and have exceeded expectations! The growing membership and significant donations will enable the FOL to expand its activities on behalf of the library in the second year and the future!

Attendees at the FOL Annual Meeting elected the following officers for 2019-2020: Linda Bono, chair; Mary Anne Alhadeff, Vice Chair; Frannie Howard, Treasurer; Ann Madigan, Secretary.

As part of the FOL membership drive, attendees were also eligible for 15 door prizes donated in support of the membership drive that culminated at the Annual Meeting. The door prizes totaled over $600 for ten gift certificates to favorite local restaurants and book stores and five copies of James Donovan’s Shoot for the Moon: The Space Race and the Extraordinary Voyage of Apollo 11, the FOL’s next book for group discussion on August 15. Additional activities planned for the coming year include puzzle parties, a panel discussion on News Coverage Today, and a widely reviewed and highly regarded movie (In the Shadow of the Moon) in conjunction with the next book discussion about the Apollo program.

If you value the library, become an FOL member now! It’s only $10 annually! Those funds are used to maintain and enhance the library as a centerpiece of our community and will help assure its longevity and vitality. The FOL is an advocate for the library, planning fun, interesting and educational activities while assuring its awareness by our community. All of which are critical to the library’s survival as we know it today!