Games for Dames get into the Halloween “Spirit”

Games for Dames are positively deFRIGHTful

Games for Dames are positively deFRIGHTful

Catherine Simpson

What makes Robson Ranch so different from other places to live? Perhaps it is the waves from people you never met or the neighbors in the streets and sidewalks stopping to chat. Maybe it’s the groups who have emerged from neighbors banding together: the prayer teams, Robson Angels, Ranch Hands or even Exit 79. For whatever reasons that makes our neighborhood different, the caring of our neighbors makes Robson Ranch a special place to call home.

Tears, smiles, hugs and lots of laughter was the agenda for this past October 31 as it has been for the past nine years. Thirty-three homes were chosen because someone shared that these were special residents who were sick or recently lost a loved one. Eighteen ladies dressed with crowns, boas and their biggest smiles as they went “treat and treating” bringing candy and joy throughout Robson Ranch. As always candy bars were a big hit, and it was proven once again that no matter what age you are Snickers is still a favorite.

This group, mostly made up of women who attend the monthly get together, “Games for Dames” look forward every year to sharing love with fellow Robson neighbors. Games for Dames was started with the mission to help new Robson ladies feel right at home. They meet the third Monday of each month, and everyone is welcome. Watch the message board to find out who the hostess is each month.

The next special event for this group’s activities will be December 19 when we will sing Christmas carols throughout the Ranch. If you would like to have a visit by these carolers or know someone who could use a bit of Christmas cheer or perhaps you would like to join the group either singing or ringing bells, please contact Catherine Simpson at [email protected] or 817-707-7707. This event is for men and women. Expect a blessing when you join this merry group as we continue to “pay it forward.”