Garden Club begins program September 19

Barbara Anderson, Garden Club President

Calling all gardeners regardless of your skill level. The Robson Ranch Garden Club will begin its program year on Monday, 19 September, 10:30 a.m. in the Lone Star Room at the Clubhouse. The meeting will last approximately 90 minutes.

We particularly invite our many new residents. If you have moved to north Texas from another area of the country, you will find that gardening here is challenging. Please join us as we all work to not only have lovely yards and gardens, but also to fill our souls with sweat equity and soil under our fingernails!

Our September meeting will be our annual membership sign up, a bargain at $10 per household for the program year of September 1 through August 31. We will also have a question and answer opportunity with some of our resident Denton County Master Gardeners who will share their expertise, which includes both successes in their yards and failures! As a “tease,” raffle tickets for garden-related prizes will be given to all who become members on the 19th. Membership is a good thing; usually any “off-campus” event with the Garden Club is a members-only trip.

As the temperatures cool a bit we will all return to more garden maintenance. This has been a relatively cool summer with increased rain and humidity, and that means healthy plants, including weeds! You are not alone in the weed department! But this writer is delighted in the success of a crape myrtle re-seed, transplanted to a new location that though only about eight inches tall is covered with red flowers. It would be more visible if I would get to those weeds around it!

Speaking of weeds, what is a weed? As we learned from a program in the spring, there are many definitions of that word. Some would say that a weed is any non-native plant like a pansy, Knock-Out Rose, petunia, etc. Others would say that a weed is any plant you do not want in your garden! Sometimes native plants can become weeds if they spread all over the place! What do you think?

Our purpose as a Garden Club is to exchange information as well as have fun, and each Robson Ranch resident is invited to join us.

If we can be of any help to you, please call Barbara Anderson, club president, at 940-239-6504 and we’ll work it through together.

We look forward to seeing you on September 19 in The Lone Star Room at 10:30 a.m. Look for the colorful sign in the Clubhouse.