Garden Club enjoys presentation by Andrea Cloutier

Andrea Cloutier from The University of North Texas; photo by Janie Cindric

Andrea Cloutier from The University of North Texas; photo by Janie Cindric

Barbara Anderson

On Monday, 18 April, The Robson Ranch Garden Club had a wonderful presentation by Ms. Andrea Cloutier from The University of North Texas. A master’s degree candidate at UNT, Ms. Cloutier explained that we are “urban gardeners” with unique climatic and soil conditions. First and foremost know the site where you wish to plant something: wet or dry, sunny or shady, lots of clay and stone or sandy. Always keep those conditions in mind when going to the nursery and read the plant tags, also noting the mature size of the plant possibilities. While refusing to define the term “native plant” (there are many definitions), Cloutier urged that we try to plant plants of record in this area of North Texas for the past 200 years; then we know that they will be more tolerant of our growing conditions, bringing the gardener more success than failure. But failure is a part of the gardening game, so be prepared for it when the weather becomes unusually hot, cold, wet or dry. Keep trying and share successful plantings with your neighbors. An added bonus to planting: choose plants that attract pollinating bees and caterpillers/butterflies. Both are very beneficial to the ecosystem.

Prior to Ms. Cloutier’s presentation, the nominating committee, Janice Brown, Marvin Daniel and Bonnie West presented the proposed slate of officers for the year 2016-2017. There were no nominations from the floor. The membership will vote online in May. Also several activities of the Denton County Master Gardener Association were shared, including a garden walk and a plant sale. The “Denton Record Chronicle” is a good source for this information for non-Garden Club members. However, the Robson Ranch club has several Master Gardeners so feel free to ask one of our folks if you have a gardening question or concern. For referral please call the club president, Barbara Anderson, at 940-239-6504.

The May meeting of the Garden Club will be a road trip limited to current club members. And then the club will begin its summer hiatus; there will be no meetings in June, July and August. September 19, 2016 will be the first meeting of the new program year and notice of that will be in The Pioneer Press and through the HOA news.

Enjoy the sunshine and treasure  the rain!