Girls on Wheels share the sisterhood of Menopause the Musical

Vicki Baker

Maxine hit the nail on the head, “When I asked for a smoking hot body, menopause wasn’t quite what I had in mind!” For those women who have experienced “the change,” hot flashes, insomnia, memory loss, expanding waistlines, failing eyesight, night sweats and mood swings, there’s just nothing funny about those annoying symptoms. Wait…yes, there is: Menopause the Musical!

For Girls on Wheels, all over the age of 50 and having long ago experienced the change, this musical was such a welcomed treat. We went in not knowing exactly what to expect. What an entertaining evening with so many laughs. The show was hysterical from start to finish. The four talented actors put on a show that positively nailed the change of womanhood. And these women definitely were not twenty-somethings with skinny waistlines and shapely legs! Popular musical hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s kept us laughing as they found humor in our aging woes with words parodied about the change. During curtain call at the end of the production, cast members invited women from the audience to join them on stage for a chorus line dance. And of course we did!

For women of a certain age rejoicing in our sisterhood and the chance to let loose, Girls on Wheels had a ball at Menopause the Musical. We laughed so much our cheeks hurt and left us happy the remainder of the night. What a great girls’ night out.