A glorious evening for the Wine Knots

Today everyone is Irish!

Today everyone is Irish!

Randy and Debbie Johnston host a Blarney Blast.

Randy and Debbie Johnston host a Blarney Blast.

Joan Newcomer

Slainte! (pronounced Slancha and meaning health) was the toast of the night as the Wine Knots celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the home of Debbie and Randy Johnston. The “O’Johnstons” greeted us at the door dressed in perfect Irish attire. Tuesday certainly a glorious time for the wearin’ of the green. And indeed Debbie’s Leprechaun hat and Randy’s green bow tie set the mood that this night we would be the “Whine Nots.” Serious wine tasting would be left for another day, and laughter would rule this evening.

With a background of Irish jigs we began the evening by being introduced to two traditional and delightful Irish mixed drinks. The first was Champagne Irish Mist. This powerhouse drink contains only two ingredients: Champagne and Irish Mist Liqueur. It is definitely for slow sipping. The Lucky Leprechaun was a little more approachable being a personalized mix of creme de menthe, vodka and ginger ale to taste. It is bright green and very minty!

Without any consultation the appetizer theme turned out to be corned beef! The feast included corned beef reuben crescent sandwiches, corned beef and cheese on rye, corned beef dip and chips, corned beef and cheese stuffed red potatoes and one lovely cheese dip with NO corned beef! Great minds think alike especially on St. Patrick’s Day!

Throughout the evening the Johnstons entertained us with Irish jokes, toasts and blessings. The evening concluded as we sat around the table talking and joking as we learned more about each other and the different paths that led us all to Robson Ranch. That was our Pot O’ Gold!

So we will leave you with this:

May those that love us, love us.

And for those that don’t love us…

May God turn their hearts and if he doesn’t turn their hearts,

May he turn their ankles, so we’ll know them by their limping.