Happy Tails welcome Dr. Gengler

Joyce Brein

Robson Ranch was honored that Dr. Gengler, who is a resident of Robson Ranch, had agreed to speak to our members. Dr. Gengler has 26 years of general small animal practice and 18 years of specialty practice experience. He currently practices Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Gengler has received many degrees and awards:

Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin

Master of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri

Diplomate in the American Veterinary Dental College

Founded the Animal Hospital of Verona, WI in 1978; an AAHA certified hospital

Faculty member at the University of Wisconsin – School of Veterinary Medicine (1990-2010)

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs/Director of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital as the Section Head of Dentistry and Oral Surgery in the Department of Surgical Science

Past President of the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC)

Recipient of the 2014 AVDC Service Award

2009 Hill’s Excellence in Dental Research and Education Award

2003 Named Veterinarian of the Year by the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

On the Board of Director for Isle of Dogs (2016)

Serves as Chair of the Programs and Education Committee for Veterinary Dental Forum (2016)

Topics Discussed:

Periodontal Disease.

This disease is the No. 1 cause of death in dogs over 2 years old.

“Puppy breath” is not normal.

Halitosis is a sign of disease.

Good oral health has no odor.

Oral Trauma

Puppy TMJ requires a CT scan.

Cleft Nares (hairlip), Lips and Palate; Food goes into nose causing infection.

Palatal Trauma – Trauma from the lower cuspids can begin early with deciduous dentition.

Protective Appliance – Protects palate and puts teeth in correct position for eating.


Enzymatic tooth paste; chlorhexidine products control mot enzymes.

VIBAC CET Enzymatic toothpaste and a soft brush head. Some dogs like the (human) “spin” brush.

Dental Dog Food: Eukanuba, Royal Canin, and Hills Prescription Diet d/t

Dental Dog Treats: Milkbone Dental Brushing Treats, Tartar Shield Soft Rawhides.

Toys: Kongs and soft toys; avoid rawhide and nylabone products.

In closing, Dr. Gengler stated that the fewer systemic diseases caused by blood born infections will allow your pet to live a longer and happier life.

Coming soon—May 14: “Behind the Scences at the Denton Animal Shelter”

Debbie Kearns will be sharing information about the new Denton Animal Shelter.

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