Helping Hands expands to lunch delivery

David Laschinger

About two years ago an idea was floated of having delicious meals from the Wildhorse Grill delivered to Robson residents who were unable to prepare a meal for themselves. The idea was discussed with the Grill management, and a plan was developed. But the project needed someone to champion it.

Joyce Frey, a Robson resident who is an active volunteer in several clubs and groups, recently learned about the Helping Hands program started by Bob and Sharon VanDeWater. As described in a recent Pioneer Press article, Bob and Sharon offer assistance to residents for such tasks as changing smoke detector batteries, hard-to-reach light bulbs and other tasks not requiring a tradesman. Joyce saw the similarities between the meal delivery concept and Helping Hands so she and Connie Wells met with Bob and Sharon and Rhett Hubbard, Director of Food and Beverage. Together they refined a lunch delivery process for resident shut-ins and their caregivers.

In mid-February the four key organizers held an informational session with more than 40 potential volunteer drivers. The process has been well planned, but Bob said, “It will need to be tweaked as we go along.” When Bob asked how many in the audience had volunteered for similar programs such as Meals on Wheels, many hands were raised. In addition to volunteers who responded to a general announcement, the men’s and women’s Bible study groups at Robson Ranch and the Women’s Club are recruiting volunteers.

Rhett purchased insulated bags for transporting meals and information labels with a customized logo created by Vicky Bone for each container of food. A special menu of items will be posted on the HOA website that qualified residents will use for ordering meal delivery. The menu will consist of most items from the daily lunch menu at the Grill except things like soups and French fries that would get cold and lose taste quickly. An order must be placed one day before delivery by calling the Grill at 940-246-1080 and paying with a credit card or a Robson membership card. The meal will be prepared fresh the next day and delivered by a volunteer resident.

“Right now we’ve established the process, and we have several volunteers scheduled to deliver for several weeks out. We have a solution waiting on the problem,” Bob said.

Bob expects the program will start slowly but grow as more residents who need the service learn about it.

For more information about volunteering or to find out how to qualify to have meals brought to your house, please contact Bob VanDeWater at  214-425-8039 or [email protected]