Holiday party and games at D’Bones


Before reading the names, can you guess who these Robsonites are?
Sitting: Al Wright, Viv Wright, Kathy Heberlein, Maris Hyde, Nancy Toppan, Vickie Bone and Pete Toppan; Standing: Melodye Rogers, Bobby Rogers, Kathy Zumann, Beverly Deardorff, Ed Heberlein, Jere Bone and Tom Zumann.

Nancy Toppan

What does the Game Gang do for their holiday party in December? Play Christmas games, of course.

We were in for some surprises at D’Bone’s holiday party. The Chinese Christmas Exchange with a twist was played. Once everyone had chosen and stolen the gift they were snug and happy with, Jere Bone threw a wrench in the game. He read a poem in which every time he said the word left, our gift was passed to the left and every time Jere said the word right, the gift was passed to the right. At the end of his poem, the gift we were holding was ours.

Kathy Heberlein had questions for discussion, such as what is your favorite

Christmas gift of all time and what is most difficult for you around the holidays. Then she introduced us to a fun ‘Christmas Trivia’ game in which our first place trivia winner was Melodye Rogers, second was Al Wright and third was Tom Zumann.

The most outlandish phenomenon of the evening was when Vickie Bone had us each choose a mask, which was face down, put it on, show it off to everyone and have our picture taken in the mask, having never seen it. Then, after the picture, she let us peak in a mirror to see how we looked. What a hilarious time we had with that.

We toasted the holiday season with good cheer and bubbly champagne. We then enjoyed holiday ham with all the trimmings and decadent desserts.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what a jolly time the Game Gang had.

It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.