Hummingbird printed on glass – what’s next?

Michael Waterhouse

Dick Remski, our club vice president, displayed two great photos of hummingbirds that were printed on glass, not paper or canvas. He also displayed a metal print along with several other club members work as part of the Spotlight window display in September. Tim Battle, Rhonda Sue Pummill, Randy Hatcher, and many others also displayed their photo works of art. The display was intended to show people that photography can be printed on various mediums such as metal, acrylic, and even glass, as well as the usual paper and canvas. The advantages include not requiring a frame, glass, or mat as an extra expense, and they look so modern in the new homes here at Robson. Randy Hatcher’s display of Drone Photography was very impressive as well as his presentation at the monthly meeting. Photography has risen to new levels both in capturing great photos and in their various presentations that are now available to us.

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