Information please…Kiwanis Club delivers Source Book™

Kiwanis Club Delivery Team hard at work

Kiwanis Club Delivery Team hard at work

Vicki Baker

The directory assistance operator and telephone book were once the bedrock for telephone numbers and addresses of family, friends and neighbors. But with the changing times these became obsolete and fell by the wayside. But at Robson Ranch the “Source Book” has stood the test of time and continues to serve its residents by providing a homeowner’s directory, home state directory and a host of other useful information.

Now that you know about this invaluable book, ever wonder how it arrives on your doorstep? Well, wonder no more; just look to the Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch. The Kiwanis Club delivery team worked tirelessly to map out “districts” to arrange and manage the delivery schedule. Over a 48-hour period, club members delivered a Source Book to each of the 1,800 plus households on the Ranch. They were on foot, golf cart and car toting the books from house to house ensuring each resident’s book arrived timely.

So the next time you open your Source Book for information, know that the Kiwanis Club is right there with you and ever present in serving our community.

Interested in volunteering in a variety of fun ways? Come join the Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch every first and third Friday at 8:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse. For more information contact Jim Galbraith at [email protected]