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The International Club

The International Club

Rupa Mathur

The August meeting was held at Marie-Christine Koop’s house. I could not attend the meeting as I was in Europe, but I heard it was very well attended and the members enjoyed themselves.

In September Erna and Wayne Seale who are from Germany hosted a dinner party at their house. They provided a delicious Mexican main dish, and the members brought tasty appetizers and desserts. In October we met at Stella and Ken Smith’s house. Stella made a Colombian dish called “Arroz Con Pollo,” which all the members relished. That day, October 19, happened to be an important festival day in India called “Diwali.” I could not miss an opportunity to be dressed in a sari, a traditional dress in India.

Our November meeting will be held at Salette and Dennis Ogren’s home. We are looking forward to Brazilian cuisine. I have noticed that the attendance is much better when we host dinner parties in our homes. Thank you, hosts, for taking the trouble and opening your homes to the members.