Introducing Corks and Caps

The Corks and Caps Club

The Corks and Caps Club

Susan Hebert

If you create it, they will come. That is what happened to a new wine club called the “Corks and Caps.” The Corks and Caps wine group has taken a unique approach to “Happy Hour.” Instead of learning about great wines of the world we will also learn about great beers of the world. Some of the members of the group will concentrate on wines while others will concentrate on beers.

We had our first meeting Saturday, June 17, at the home of Susan Hebert with our members: Susan and David Parker, Susan and Barry Joyce, Vickie and Scott Baker, Tom and Kathy Zumann, Ralph and Carol Jankowski and Karen DiPietro.

The wine discussed was Malbec. Each member presented a Malbec with an appetizer and gave a brief description of the wine.

Next month the Corks and Caps club will be looking at beers from different areas of the world.