Jewish Friendship Group Hanukkah celebration

Lynne Moore

JFG held their monthly meeting and brunch on the last day of the Jewish Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah. During ancient times an oil lamp was lit at the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem. There was only enough oil in the lamp to last for one more day and the Maccabees had to bring oil to the temple before it went out. The trip would take them eight days, but miraculously, the oil lasted for those eight days until they returned with the new oil. So, it is a holiday of joy that is celebrated by Jews all over the world. We have a menorah that has a place for eight candles, plus one to light the others. Each evening at sundown, prayers are said and a candle is lit, until the last evening when all eight candles are burning. We also exchange a gift each evening and treat ourselves to special foods, such as potato pancakes and jelly donuts. Both of these would be fried in oil to keep with the holiday theme. At our brunch this month, hosted by Ed and Elaine Barnett, we enjoyed those foods and other traditional Jewish delicacies. Also, many of the members brought their menorahs from home to make the tables look especially festive. Menorahs can be very traditional, as well as artistic, and many people have several in their homes. It was a really special day, with members telling of traditions in their homes growing up, as well as those that they continue today. Please think of joining JFG if at least one person of a couple is Jewish. We have a really fun time each month and share what we are doing, where we are traveling and what plays and movies we have seen. For more information, call Susan Cohen at 214-808-0921.