Jewish Friendship Group news

Our Jewish Friendship Group met on November 12 and we had 30 members present. What a nice turnout!

We had lots of Jewish foods to share including kugel, casseroles, lox, bagels, salads, blintzes, French toast, and specialty desserts.

Our hosts were Carol and Jay Solow. Our hosts in December were Bill and Lynne Moore on the 10th. Hanukkah (the festival of lights) begins on sundown of the 24th and continues for eight nights.

As a reminder we are strictly a social group, not a religious group but we do adhere to our Jewish heritage.

Only one member of a couple needs to be Jewish and singles are more than welcome. We meet on the second Sunday of the month. No dues, we just ask for a cooked dish, maybe a family specialty.

For any information please contact Linda Zisman at 972-567-1377 or