JFG Passover Seder


Lynne Moore

Jewish Friendship Group held their Passover Seder April 8 in the Bandera Room of the Clubhouse. This important holiday commemorates the Jewish people’s flight out of Egypt to what became the land of Israel. It begins with a retelling of the Passover story and includes many blessings over the wine and food that is consumed. It also recalls the struggles of our people to be free of slavery and to attain their freedom. We also ask God’s help in aiding people all over the world who suffer today. Our service was led by Norm and B Bender, who started this ritual at the Ranch a few years ago. The staff at the Ranch did a wonderful job on the setups, and we so appreciate Whitney for her kind attention to our requests. Each member of JFG contributed a special Passover selection of foods that are traditional with this holiday. As in most Jewish families growing up, this was a joyous holiday full of traditions and customs handed down from parents to children. Although many of us cannot always be with our families at this special time of year, having our Robson family around us is certainly a special treat. We look forward to continuing this tradition here at the Ranch. JFG meets the second Sunday of each month in the Clubhouse for our special brunch. If you or your spouse are Jewish, please consider joining us in the future. You can contact Susan Cohen at 214-808-0921 for more information.