Joy X2

Presenters Sherry Zeise, Dianne Edmondson-speaker, Jois Ross

Miss us last month? Well, here’s a review of both months-Joy X2.


Though the home of Larry and Karen Payne is smaller than some; their hearts are huge, demonstrated by their effort to make it possible for our New Life Lunch Bunch to hear our guest speaker, Luke Medcalf, grandson of Wayne and Erna Seale, who brilliantly shared his experience in life with autism.

Luke shared many statistics on autism, which gave us a greater understanding of the disease and the struggles faced by the autistic person and family. Born a preemie, Luke came close to death many times, but God had plans for him, and spared Luke to accomplish His purpose.

Medications and therapy sessions helped, but Luke’s progress was limited, until one day he began wondering about the afterlife and asked his mom to explain the difference between heaven and hell. Luke realized he was not ready or able to go to heaven and realized that Christ had died and risen to make it possible for Luke to make heaven his home.

Luke said that after that, his whole life was transformed, “Jesus healed me!” he proudly proclaimed. We could agree, because, standing before us and among us, Luke was confident, poised, bright and able to easily interact with us, unlike other autistic people we had experienced.

The message Luke wanted all to receive is to give autistic people your love and attention. Let them feel part of life, even if their disease makes them appear not to want to engage. Thank you, Luke. Have a very happy birthday this month!


Karen and Stan Solomon cordially welcomed Lunch Bunch to their home. Karen and Barb Schmidt joined talents to present a lovely fall atmosphere for our meeting. As always, our great cooks provided a tremendous meal and luscious desserts.

Dianne Edmondson, candidate for Denton County Commissioner, told us “how she got here,” telling her story simply and sincerely. How do you make a politician? Allow a youngster an inspiring political experience-an opportunity to participate in a winning election and “the hook is set.” Dianne grew up in such an environment and became committed to a love for the law and the effort required to put good people in place to preserve the law and to protect our way of life.

Rather than a political rally espousing her agenda, Dianne’s presentation was an intimate, vulnerable sharing of her life, her path to confident faith in Christ, as well as her purpose in politics. Her talk helped us realize that God gives certain people a “ministry in politics.” How else would His will for a city, state or country be accomplished? “By Me [wisdom from God] kings reign and rulers decree justice. By Me princes rule, and nobles, even all the judges and governors of the earth.” Proverbs 8:15-16 “For there is no authority except from God (by His permission, His sanction), and those that exist do so by God’s appointment.” Romans 13:11