Kiwanis salutes Watson Crumbie

Watson Crumbie

Watson Crumbie

Jim Galbraith

He received a standing ovation by the members of the Kiwanis Club of Robson Ranch at a recent meeting as Mr. Watson Crumbie concluded his presentation on the valiant Marines and Army personnel who fought at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea during the winter months of 1950. Some 25,000 Marines faced the attacking Chinese divisions with over 120,000 troops. Isolated, surrounded by superior numbers of the enemy and facing one of the coldest winters in North Korea with temperatures dipping between 35-50 degrees below zero, the Marines fought valiantly but had to retreat on the only road out of the area to the port of Hamhung, some 80 miles to the southeast where Navy ships provided rescue. Over 6,000 Marines died or were severely wounded during the battle. Many lost toes and fingers due to frostbite, and those who did survive were called the Chosin Few. Crumbie was part of the 1st Marine Division that was involved in the battle, which remains a legend within the U.S. Marine Corps.

What is amazing is that Crumbie was part of the 2nd Marine Division that fought in the Battle of Saipan during World War II. On his eighteenth birthday, Watson joined the Marine Corps and fought at Saipan and was part of the invasion force on Okinawa. He was designated as an infantry assault demolionist. After the war he was honorably discharged but called upon again by Uncle Sam to serve in the ìpolice actionî of Korea. From the jungles of the South Pacific, Crumbie was cast again in battle in some of the coldest conditions in which Marines have ever served. A resident of Robson Ranch, Watson Crumbie was fortunate to survive the horrendous combat conditions and still be able to share the story of the bravery of men in uniform who fought to assure our freedoms. Watson is one of the countless heroes who fought in WWII and Korea to assure our freedoms and was duly recognized by the Kiwanis members.

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