Lake Texoma winter striper action is fantastic

On a winter fishin’ mission at Lake Texoma.

Scott Baker

Winter is the best time for big fish. And big stripers are on a rampage! Feeling a little bit of cabin fever, the RR Fishing Club took advantage of the cooling water temperatures on Lake Texoma this past November and found the striper fishing was on fire.

As cold weather set in across North Texas, the stripers on Lake Texoma were settling into a new pattern which will last until early spring. Going into winter, as the water temperatures cool, schools of fish leave their favorite ledges and humps in search of bait in the open water. Shad gather up into bait-balls with the striper not far behind. The stripers gorge themselves on these bait fish; in many instances sending them into a feeding frenzy near the water’s surface.

During the winter months the striped bass gain weight and are at their heaviest of the year. These serious fisher-folk couldn’t wait for the superb winter striper fishing on Lake Texoma. They come for the big fish, and we mean big, line stripping and rod bending monsters! And they loaded up their coolers with limits of nice fat fish.

You, too, have that chance at a trophy fish that can be up to and over twenty inches. Now that’s a beast! Will you be one of the lucky anglers who lands that once-in-a-lifetime monster? The big striper are back; come and get ya some!

Interested in dropping a line? Plans are always in the works for fishing destinations to Lake Texoma (striper, catfish and bass), Lake Ray Roberts (crappie and bass) and Lake Tawakoni (catfish) among others. The RR Fishing Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Wildhorse Grill Boardroom at 5:00 p.m. For any inquiries, comments or suggestions contact or Scott Baker at 214-334-7664.